Video – Phototour Masai Mara Nov. 2019, Kenya.
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Video – Phototour Masai Mara Nov. 2019, Kenya.

Video – Phototour Masai Mara Nov. 2019, Kenya.

Join Stephan on a phototour to the Masai Mara. Travel date is 12th of Nov. till 23rd of Nov. 2019.

The Olare Motogori Conservancy is a very productive destination in November, because there are many different cats in high concentration and spectacular hunting scenes as well as many young animals are to be photographed.

The migration is over since about 4 weeks, but nevertheless the big cats find a lot of prey animals – so the concentration of wildebeest in this concession is very high year round, since many animals do not join the long trek back to Tanzania in the Serengeti.

As early as possible, we will start every day to take advantage of the best light. During the daylight conditions in Kenya can change very quickly at this time of the year. And that can be of great advantage, in particular for landscape photography, but also for the photography of animal silhouettes.

In our conservancy, only the vehicles of four other camps are allowed – and so there is no such big traffic at special sightings, as in the Masai Mara National Reserve.

You can find all further information about this special travel package here: >>> Photo Tour, MASAI MARA ‘, November 2019 <<<

If you need more Info, please send Stephan an email.