Join Stephan on an exclusive PhotoTour to the Luangwa valley. Only two photographers per vehicle - improve your skills. We are photographing a lot of cats, day and night-time!
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This workshop will be held in Hamburg, Germany. Language will be German. Ab sofort werden Anmeldungen entgegengenommen: Für Profis und ambitionierte Amateure.  Vorbereitung – Durchführung – Ergebnisse. Ein Seminar mit Stephan Tuengler. Ort: Calumet Seminarraum Hamburg, Bahrenfelder Str. 260 (Vivo-Center), 22765 Hamburg. Zeit: 15:00 - 19:00 Uhr Termin: 18. November 2018 Kosten: € 89,00 Teilnehmer: min. 6, max. 12 - kostenlose Parkplätze in unserer Tiefgarage im gleichen Haus Für...

The date for this Safari is from the 10th till the 21th of June 2017. Only TWO photographers per vehicle. Travel to the South Luangwa Nationalpark in Zambia to photograph Leopards at night and all the other Big Game of Africa. If you are interested and if you need any special information about the package please feel free to get in...