The Lonely Tusker, 2013 – Gallery Edition of 9 pcs.

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Image Description

The Lonely Tusker, 2013: I took this picture of a lonely elephant bull in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. There are still many untouched forest areas through which larger herds of elephants still roam. Late afternoon this bull was on his way down to the river - the sun was already very low and conjured up a unique play of light and shadow with soft contrasts in the picture.


This work from Stephan's B&W Limited Art Collection is part of a strictly limited edition of 9 pieces. The picture can be hand-signed by the artist (if the picture is ordered through my lab here in Hamburg) and is delivered with a certificate of authenticity and an individual picture number.


Of course all known standard sizes (starts at 60/40cm up to 120/80cm) are available as well as freely selectable image formats.

Art Collection BW

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The Lonely Tusker, 2013 - Gallery Edition of 9 pcs.

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